GTA: Vice City nude mods

GTA Vice City Nude by the.stranger

GTA: Vice City nude
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How to use:
Unpack the archive. Run ViceTXD.exe, click File > Open and choose: ..GTAVCmodelsGTA3.img (in your game folder). Right click on the texture you want change and choose Replace. Select the new textures according this: Bfybe.txd - bfybe.bmp Bfypr.txd - bfypr.bmp Bfyri.txd - bfyri.bmp Hfybe.txd - hfybe.bmp Hfymd.txd - hfymd.bmp Hfypr.txd - hfypr.bmp IGCandy.txd - igcandy.bmp IGMerc2.txd - igmerc2.bmp Stripa.txd - exotic_dancer1.bmp Stripb.txd - exotic_dancer2.bmp Stripc.txd - exotic_dancer3.bmp Wfybe.txd - wfybe.bmp Wfycst.txd - hfycg.bmp Wfyg1.txd - group.bmp Wfyg2.txd - groupie2.bmp Wfylg.txd - wfylg.bmp Wfypr.txd - woman_pro.bmp Wfysk.txd - wfysk.bmp Wfyst.txd - wfyst.bmp CSCandy.txd - cscandy.bmp CServa.txd - wait.bmp CServb.txd - wait.bmp CSJuggz.txd - porn.bmp CSMerc2.txd - csmerc2.bmp Floozya.txd - wfyst.bmp Floozyb.txd - bfyri.bmp Floozyc.txd - woman_pro.bmp


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